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Maciej KĄdziela Quartet | Radek WoŚko Atlantic Quartet at Jazztopad Festival at National Forum Of Music


National Forum Of Music
Jazztopad Festival

Plac Wolności 1 50-071 Wrocław


Tue, November 21, 2017


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‘Scandinavian sound’ evokes images of vast unpopulated spaces or chilly mountain ranges split with gorges and fiords which here and there splash out into the hypnotising landscape. In jazz, Scandinavians are famous for their uncompromising avant garde activities, but also for atmospheric, quasi-pop tonalities. The Scandinavian day during Wrocław’s Jazztopad will attempt to showcase how Polish life and artistic work have changed, affected by this new ambience.

Paulina Jendrychowska uploaded this event on October 20, 2017